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It is that time of the  year again! Football season is here! After months of mini camps, off season  activities, training camp, and pointless preseason games, the 2013 NFL season  kicks off Thursday night when the Super Bowl Champion Ravens have to travel on  the road in a bizarre opening week for the champion when they head to mile high  to take on Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos

The eventual Super Bowl  Champion is 39-7-1 in Week 1. So only seven prior teams have hoisted  the Vince Lombardi Trophy at the end of the season after starting 0-1. That is  how important it is to get off to a hot start. But the question is who will be  having that victory parade? So it got me thinking who will be in New  Jersey when it’s all said and done. Though I might not be right at the end  of season here is how I think the 2013 NFL season will shape out. Hey last  season I had 10 of 12 playoff teams and half of the Super Bowl with the eventual  champion being correct! So time to take your money to the bank after seeing my  predictions….

*means  Wildcard team….

NFC  East

1.Giants- 10-6, 2. Cowboys 8-8, 3.Redskins:7-9, 4.Eagles:  6-10

Comments: This could easily change depending on the  health of RGIII over the course of the season. The Cowboys can be a scary  football team this season. They have an offense that can do something and  finally a defensive mastermind like Monte Kiffin guiding the ship, but they  still have Tony Romo as their quarterback. Ill take a 2-time Super Bowl winning  proven quarterback with Eli Manning over Romo anyday. Don’t have too much  expectations on the Birds but feel it’s turning in the right  direction.

NFC  North

1.Packers: 11-5,  2.Vikings: 8-8, 3.Lions: 8-8, 4. Bears: 6-10

Comments: This is going to be an interesting division to watch throughout the  season. I feel the best division in the NFC. Vikings RB Adrian Peterson  looks to be back to full strength and another year under Christian Ponder, can  never count out the Matthew Stafford-Calvin Johnson connection, and Aaron  Rodgers is well Aaron Rodgers, a elite quarterback in this league. It just  depends on how things fall into place but until someone can take down the  Packers they will always be the early favorite for this division.

The Bears are  the Bears, always have high expecatation but never pan out. A team that has  players with history of injuries.  Also let go their defensive leader in Brian Urlacher  which I feel will make a huge impact despite his lack of production over the  past few seasons.

NFC  South

1.Falcons: 11-5,  *2.Saints: 10-6, 3.Buccaneers: 7-9-8; 4.Panthers: 5-11

Comments: This is really one of the more exciting races we will see. This  division just has so much fire power on offense. Drew Brees, Matt Ryan and the  WR Tandem of Julio Jones/Roddy White, the fierce running game of Doug Martin and  the playmaking ability from Cam Newton. It will come down to the Saints and  Falcons but in the end I think the Falcons edge it out with the Saints  being one of the wild card teams. It reallly just comes down to the way the  schedule works out… Looking at it the Saints have some tough road matchups  with the Bears and Patriots back to back weeks which is one deciding  factor. And I just love all the weapons that the Falcon’s offense posess to  cause havoc for their opponents.


As for the rest of the division. The Buccs made some upgrades but broke  the bank to get Dashon Goldson and Darelle Revis to add to an already stout  secondary of Mark Barron and Eric Wright to compliment a solid offense with the  likes of Vincent Jackson and Doug Martin. But it all comes down to the  Quarterback and i’m just not a huge fan of Josh Freeman. He really hasn’t come  out of his shell. He has shown some glimpse that he may have it but overall he  will never be an elite quarterback in this league and take this team to the next  level which what is holding them back. The Panthers had one of the worst  defenses last season, got Cam Newton no help on the offensive side of the ball  and just too many glaring holes to really be a threat especially how deep this  division is.

NFC  West

1.Seahawks: 10-6,  *2.49ers: 9-7, 3.Rams:6-10, 4.Cardinals: 4-12

Comments: Last year’s NFC Champions are going to have a case of the post Super  Bowl losing curse and take a back seat but not too much. This team can still  make a run with 2nd year starter Collin Caepernick running this offense  with the addition of adding Super Bowl winning WR Anquan Boldin to the  roster to give him another option. They will also have one of the top defenses  in the league but I just feel the Seahawks are ready to make a  run.

AFC  East

1.Patriots: 12-4,  2.Bills: 7-9; 3.Jets: 6-10, 4.Dolphins: 5-11

Comments: The Patriots are still the king of the AFC East. Jets and Bills moving  in a different direction with rookie quarterbacks and the Dolphins have a young  QB their own with Ryan Tanehill so will take time for them to really make a  push or until Tom Brady retires….

AFC  North

1.Bengals: 11-5,  *2.Steelers: 10-6; 3.Ravens: 8-8, 4.Browns: 3-13

Comments: I feel the Bengals really make a leap and become the class of this  division. They have a solid defense. And AJ Green is emerging as one of the  elite WR in the game today to really give Andy Dalton some firepower to have  monsterous numbers this season. Ravens have too much to overcome with the losses  on defense in the offseason as well as losing his go to guy TE Dennis Pitta.  Anquan Boldin is on a different team so who is he going to throw the ball to?  Pittsburgh will be a factor and it comes down to rookie RB Levon Bell staying  healthy. He has the chance to be something special but is already banged up and  Issac Redman isn’t a legitimate threat out of the backfield. Also made some  upgrades on D by drafting Jarvis Jones. But all comes down to the performance of  Big Ben!

AFC  South

1.Texans: 10-6,  *2.Colts: 9-7, 3.Titans: 6-10, 4.Jaguars: 4-12

Comments: Andrew Luck won’t have a sophmore slump this season and will guide the  Colts into the playoffs. Texans QB Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson are going to be  monsters again and then having Arian Foster in the backfield just makes this  offense even more of a threat. If their defense can stay healthy behind DC Wade  Phillips they will be a legitimate threat in the AFC.

AFC  West

1.Broncos: 13-3,  2.Chargers: 8-8, 3.Chiefs: 7-9, 4.Raiders: 6-10

Comments: Sorry Andy you still have to do a better job to think you can  overcome QB Peyton Manning.


MVP: Broncos QB Peyton Manning

Off. POY: Vikings RB Adrian Peterson

Def. POY: 49ers LB Patrick Willis

Rookie of the  Year: Broncos RB Montee Ball

Comeback Player of  the Year: Redskins QB Robert Griffin III

Championship  Games

NFC: Falcons over Seahawks

AFC: Broncos over  Bengals

Super Bowl 47 Winner: Falcons over  Broncos

I like the firepower that the Falcons have on offense.  The WR Tandem is going to be difficult to stop with Roddy White and Julio Jones.  The return of TE Tony Gonzalez out of retirement… And all the pressure is on  Matty Ice to finally succeed especially with the amount of weapons they have on  this offense. I feel he overcomes the adversity to finally punch it for the  Falcons! They won a playoff game last year so that is a step into the right  direction, this year Super Bowl!

Where  Does That Leave the Eagles?

Look, I know fans are excited about the  change up top with bringing in Chip Kelly as the new head coach but you really  have to be realistic about what this team is really going to  do…They have a new man running the ship, new  schemes on offense and defense, new players to try and run these schemes. It’s  going to take some time. Rome wasn’t built overnight. Plus there are still many  question’s regarding this team before you can even consider them a threat in the  NFC…

-Can QB Michael Vick stay healthy and run  this up tempo offense? We saw what he could do in the preseason and overall ran  it well but just takes one bad game to kill his confidence and just one big hit  before we have QB Nick Foles under center.

-Can this defense stop anyone? This  defense has issues stopping the run and through the air. I feel overtime once  players adjust and get use to their position in this scheme it will improve but  this defense is still too far away from really keeping this team in ball  games….

-How effective will Chip Kelly’s offense  be? All we hear is about Chip Kelly and his up tempo, fast pace offense and how  he is bringing it to the NFL. This isn’t something new that team’s haven’t seen  before. It’s a different variation but once he puts this offense on game tape I  feel team’s are going to find a way to stop this offense so It’s going to come  down to Chip adapting and making the adjustments so that his offense can still  be effective because without it, this team is doom for  disaster.