Rarely in the NFL will you hear a player at any position, starting or backup, say that losing a game to a far inferior opponent is a positive thing. Especially when said team is in the midst of a five-game win streak.

But that is exactly what Philadelphia Eagles starting cornerback Cary Williams is insisting per a report on However, Williams statement stems from a more “humble” player following the 48-30 loss to the (then) 3-9 Minnesota Vikings.

“”It knocked us off our high horse,” Williams said. “It’s something that was bittersweet. It was sad that we lost, the bitter part, but it was sweet that we lost at the end of the day because it helped humble us.”

Williams continued by saying that they (Eagles) didn’t want to go into the Chicago game thinking they were “invincible”, and that it “was great” that Minnesota was triumphant in week 15.

The loss to Minnesota is forcing a rather major shuffle in the Eagles secondary who allowed Matt Cassell, who had only started three other games this season, to throw for 358 yards and a pair of touchdowns. Rookie safety Earl Wolff is likely to return, (CB) Brandon Boykin, who leads the Eagles in interceptions (4) might not be in against Jay Cutler and the Chicago Bears. Chip Kelly also brought safety Keelan Johnson from the practice squad.

Philadelphia released LB Emmanuel Acho for the second time this season to make room for Johnson.

The Eagles defense as a collective group allowed six touchdowns as third-string running back Matt Asiata also recorded three TD’s and a bunch of fantasy points for anyone who had the nuts to start him. What the Eagles did last Sunday was play down to the Vikings level and was out coached in all phases of the game.

Short kickoffs backfired. Only giving LeSean McCoy, the league’s leading rusher, a total of 13 touches (8 carries / 5 receptions) all game was a severe blunder on Chip Kelly’s plan of attack. And then there is Bill Davis who failed to dial up more blitzes knowing their best player, Adrian Peterson, would not suit up.

So maybe “humble” shouldn’t be the word used here. Maybe Cary Williams and the rest of the Eagles organization should be using the word embarrassed.

Because I know the vast majority of their fanbase is.