If Philadelphia Eagles CB Cary Williams wanted to get his shots in on WR Riley Cooper for a racial slur he used earlier in the summer, Williams got them on Thursday.

On Thursday Philadelphia Eagles CB Cary Williams and WR Riley Cooper were involved in an altercation during the Eagles team practice. Team leader and veteran QB Michael Vick was forced to step in and prevent Williams from continuing to go after Cooper.

As of right now, this scuffle is nothing more than just that, a scuffle between two competitive teammates who were both going after the live ball.

No harm, no foul.

The question is whether or not this altercation is a direct result of Cooper’s racial slur he used earlier in the summer. If it is, head coach Chip Kelly is going to have to nip this in the bud before he’s forced to make a decision, that frankly, could put the Eagles in a worse situation in the secondary than they already are.

At the tail end of Thursday’s fight, Williams was heard shouting “I’m not a ni**a you f**k with” in the direction of Riley Cooper. Now, this quote was provided by an unnamed source according to a report on ESPN (watch the video). As former Eagles warrior Brian Dawkins said, “it’s never a good thing when the source is unnamed”.

Still, if Williams did indeed use those exact words then it surely hints towards some lingering resentment for Riley Cooper for the racial slur he used earlier this summer. And although the word was used in a different context, the end result was meant to be threatening to Cooper hinting this wasn’t entirely about football.

Fights break out between teammates all the time, it is an every week thing throughout the NFL. You have competitive players amped up before the start of the regular season and things happen, understood. And while I think that ultimately this scuffle was just that, you can’t help but to think that Cooper’s racial slur played a part in the fight, even if just a little.

Now, head coach Chip Kelly needs to make sure it’s done with and both players are ready to move forward for the common good of the team. Because both players have an opportunity to be solid players for the Eagles but not if one is more focused on taking shots at the other.

They are teammates, it seems as if everyone else is trying to move forward on the team, but Williams seems as though he’s having some difficulty.

Cooper, as RB LeSean McCoy said, is going to endure an entire season of defensive players gunning for him. Cooper is going to need his teammates to back him up and it seems relatively unanimous that they do based off recent comments from various players. Philadelphia is thin at the cornerback position, therefore, Chip Kelly can’t have one of the few starting caliber players focusing on anything but crafting his skill.

If what it takes is a Cooler Boy tactic then so be it. Williams, imagine Cooper’s face on the players you cover this season and get it out of your system that way!

So it will look similar to this….