Nobody gave the Philadelphia Eagles a fighting chance against the Broncos. And on Sunday everyone found out why. After an embarrassing 52-20 loss the Eagles are sitting at 1-3 in an even more pathetic NFC East division.

Despite sitting out the entire fourth quarter of the game, Broncos QB Peyton Manning dissected the Eagles defense hitting 28 of 34 passes for 327 yards and a quartet of touchdowns.  of 52 points — a franchise record in Denver. And you can say all you want about missed opportunities on special teams, and again I’ll reiterate that Manning sat out the entire fourth quarter.

Michael Vick and the Eagles offense managed to put 20 points on the board, however, none of them came from Vick himself. Zero passing touchdowns, zero rushing touchdowns, but hey, he didn’t turn the ball over either.

In fact the lone passing touchdown came from the hands of backup QB Nick Foles. I’m not turning this into a “quarterback competition” type article, merely pointing out the facts.

But enough of the ugly. Lets focus on brighter days ahead. Days in New York facing Peyton’s little brother Eli and his 0-4 Giants. Lets focus on how the Eagles are going to remember the name Manning of Sept. 29 and use that to defeat the Manning of Oct. 6th.

Giants QB Eli Manning is having the polar opposite season of his older brother Peyton — who is on the cusp of a record shattering season. And there is a bit of good in the numbers if you dig deep enough.

Don’t look at the record. Don’t do it, just stop. Ok, now lets look at where the Eagles stand offensively from a statistical standpoint league wide. Because the defense, mainly looking at the guys in the secondary, are looking pathetic. Or maybe it’s DC Bill Davis who is making them look so bad. After all, Davis has never led a defense which ranked higher than 26th in the league.

Either way, the Eagles offense is going to have to win games. Put your shades on, it’s time to look at some bright spots.

Against the league’s top ranked Broncos run defense who was allowing just 43.3 YPG, Eagles RB LeSean McCoy was able to produce 73 yards keeping Philadelphia’s rushing attack ranked No. 1 in the league. The Eagles rank second in the league for total yards per game, just behind the Broncos (483.0) and are averaging 458.8 YPG.

Going forward if Philadelphia’s special teams unit can tighten up their game it would release some pressure from the offense and defense.

Next Sunday the Eagles are facing a New York Giants (0-4) team that is quite possibly the worst team in the entire league.

Defensively speaking, Philadelphia will has a chance to face a struggling QB due to a struggling offensive line. Something Eagles fans are all to familiar with. Manning has amassed 1,148 passing yards and good for six TD’s. The problem is simple to see, he has nine interceptions, two fumbles of which he lost both. And to cap it off he’s been sacked nine times. Plus, the Giants are generating a tad over 15 points per game.

For the Eagles offense, the up-temp should certainly return in Philly’s favor as they face a defense who allows 36.5 PPG (32nd), 384.2 YPG (22nd), 261.8 passing YPG (22nd), and 122.5 rushing YPG (28th).

Michael Vick and co. faced a very weak Broncos secondary, but their run defense is top notch forcing the Eagles to become one dimensional. New York doesn’t have that benefit. Their defense has been consistently run through in September.

I know it’s easy to look at just the negative, especially after a 52-20 loss. But the Eagles are still (tied) for second in the NFC East and they have a really good opportunity to begin building a little momentum in New York’s house.