Evan Mathis

 UPDATE: Jason La Canfora of CBSSports.com notes that the Eagles are looking for a third-round pick but will consider a fourth. Anything less than that and Philly is inclined to keep the 10-year veteran.

If you are a member of the Philadelphia Eagles, and are a Pro Bowl talent, be afraid. Be very afraid.

According to Lance Catelli of NFL.com, who credits Ian Rappaport, the Eagles are looking to part ways with veteran guard Evan Mathis.

Per the report, Mathis is joining Jackson on the trade block for a couple of reasons. Mathis is penciled in to make $5.15 million in 2014 and is looking for a contract extension following a fantastic 2013 campaign. In addition, Mathis (32) signed a five-year, $25 million extension in 2012.

Rappaport has been all over the Eagles news, primarily regarding the indecisive handling of receiver DeSean Jackson. One minute, the Eagles are just fielding calls from other organizations. The next, they are making the calls themselves.

Then the bombshell, Jackson posted a picture on his Twitter and Instagram accounts of the Eagles head coach chasing Jackson wearing a big smile and holding what looks like a playful foam bat of sorts. Jackson even is said to have called teammates and advised he will indeed play for Philadelphia in 2014.

When asked at the NFL Annual Metting in Orlando, FL., Chip Kelly stated he hasn’t talked with Mathis as of yet but says he isn’t worried about his All-Pro guard, calling him a “lunch-pail guy”. Kelly also ducked the question in regards to DeSean Jackson’s future with the Philadelphia Eagles. Kelly stated while he wishes he could resign all of his players funds begin to run out as contracts get bigger and bigger for prime talents.

Cortelli notes that with two of the Eagles Pro Bowl players apparently on the trade block that Philadelphia’s offense is in a transition period.

“With Mathis joining Jackson, another Pro Bowl player, on Philadelphia’s trade block, it seems to be a transition period for the Eagles‘ offense.”

Lets not get carried away here. First, nobody has been traded anywhere as of yet, and second, even if both players would happen to get traded I don’t believe that justifies being dubbed as being in a “transition period”. I will say, however, that it is clear Philadelphia is attempting to stock pile draft pick and clear some cap space.

My theory, Chip Kelly has a man crush on Texas A & M receiver Mike Evans (6-5, 231) and is looking to combine picks to move up in the first to draft him.

I’d be good with that.