Howard Smith-US Presswire

Howard Smith-US Presswire


The future of the Philadelphia Phillies was made a little clearer this afternoon, after firing manager, Charlie Manuel after 8-plus years.

Just days after having won game 1,000, the Phillies held a press conference to announce that they had to relieve the beloved manager of his duties as manager – and give third base coach Ryne Sandberg the opportunity to show what he can do as manager at the Big League level.

A teary-eyed Ruben Amaro seemed choked-up about having to let Charlie Manuel go after so many years of good baseball. Amaro did make known that the organization extended Manuel the opportunity to take a front-office position, should he want to stay with the Phillies in such a capacity. To Manuel’s credit, he was gracious and very thankful for the opportunity that the Phillies gave him. He said at this point he would take a little break to think about his next move within Major League Baseball.

Meanwhile, while Sandberg has been garnering some favor from the Phillies’ minor league system as a manager, this will be a far differently-paced game than he’s been working at in recent years. It’s also a far cry from playing as an all-world second baseman for the Cubs in the 80’s and 90’s. Sandberg sounded a bit mixed, but said he looks at this opportunity as a chance to remind the players that there are still 40 games left, and they have to remember that they are professionals and still need to play the season out.

How will this move affect the Philiies, and will this signal the start for moving the team in a new direction? Only time will tell – and right now there are still 40 games left to hopefully discover the answers to those questions. Apparently the future of the Philadelphia Phillies is about to begin tonight when the Phillies take on the LA Dogers, with Ryne Sandberg at the helm.


  • Gregory Cherry

    Nice article on Charlie. I think his decision to take a period of time to consider which direction he wants to go as far as baseball (if any) is a wise one. I will miss Charlie. I wish Ryne well especially after the first two games under his helm in which the Phils managed the staggering of 0 total runs. We do have some bright spots- Dom Brown the brightest of course, Ruff, Ashe, Galvis, however, he sure has his work cut out for him with that bullpen.