On Tuesday, Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly finally revealed who will start for the Eagles in 2013. Michael Vick indeed won the starting job to run Kelly’s up-tempo offense over Nick Foles. Even though Foles kept the competition tight through the teams’ OTA’s, training camp, and two preseason games, most believed the answer was obvious after the Eagles 14-9 win over the Carolina Panthers.

Although Vick is the starter in Philadelphia, Foles should remain ready to step in at a moments notice. That is because of Vick’s history, or lack thereof, of completing an entire season. Can he achieve his second full season under first year head coach Chip Kelly?

History would suggest that it doesn’t matter who the head coach is, the backup should be ready to play at a moments notice. Now with that said, I think it is obvious that the Eagles chances of winning are drastically increased with Vick under the helm. Foles kept it tight but the numbers really tell the only story  you need to see why Chip Kelly opted to name Vick and not Foles.

Through two preseason games Vick had control of the offense on his way to completing 13 of 15 passes for 199 yards, a passing touchdown and one interception. On a plus side there weren’t any fumbles on Vick’s watch. The average time between plays was anywhere between 16 to 20 seconds, his quickest snap clocked in at an astonishing 13.15 seconds. To date Vick’s passer rating is 113.2

Nick Foles played admirably and kept his name in the race completing 11 of 14 passes for just 96 yards and one rushing touchdown (odd Foles and not Vick). However Foles required more time between snaps averaging between 26 to 30 seconds, his best was 23.10 — almost a full ten seconds slower. To top it all of Foles passer rating through two preseason games is 65.5 — clearly much lower than Vick’s.

Now that Vick has been named the starting QB in Philly, he can rest easy knowing that his $3.5 million base salary is guaranteed and the $500,000 bonus is a lock as soon as the season kicks off. And you have to wonder how much of that $3 million signing bonus he agreed to when renegotiating his contract had to have played even the smallest part in Kelly’s decision. Regardless, it was the right decision from a production standpoint.

Foles displayed true maturity in the wake of the news saying that Kelly’s decision won’t have any lingering resentment towards either Kelly or Vick.

“Mike and I had a great battle,” Foles said. “Nothing is going to change between me and Mike. We’re going to continue to push each other.”