On Tuesday, the Philadelphia 76ers finally introduced Nerlens Noel to the local media and one of the pressing topics was the rookies timeline to play. Both Noel and general manager Sam Hinkie refrained from discussing an anticipated time frame for Noel’s return.

“Nerlens is motivated and hungry to return, but his long-term health is of most importance,” Hinkie told Philly.com.

Should Noel not suffer any setbacks. there is a chance he could return anywhere from late December to mid January. Noel will continue his rehabbing in Birmingham, Ala. and will continue to do so for as long as it takes.

I’m doing six hours of rehab a day. I’m making a lot of progress,” said Noel.

Weight, or a lack thereof is an issue for Noel and as of Tuesday he said he’s tipping the scale around 219 pounds. But after last years debacle with Andrew Bynum, the combination of Noel’s injury and the lack of information regarding his anticipated return is leaving some Sixers fans feeling very uneasy.

In other news, the Sixers are still without a head coach, leaving Charles Barkley no other choice but to chime in on the matter just a few days ago. However, Hinkie is reportedly down to assistant Michael Curry and San Antonio Spurs assistant coach Brett Brown. He also provided just a little more insight to what exactly he is looking for in a head coach.

We’re focused on getting what we think is the right coach for our team, someone that can help define the culture that I think Nerlens can be a big part in helping shape, as well as serious, everyday, hard-working, selfless, highly competitive players, willing to sort of work on their game when nobody is watching,” Hinkie told thePhiladelphia Daily News. “We’re looking for someone that can help shape our roster over time because we have a lot to do on it, obviously.” 

While this search is extensive and has gone longer than most anticipated, the focal point I believe should be that after years of disappointment with Philadelphia hoops, finding the right candidate is imperative to HIS stay.