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Photo By Rich Schultz /Getty Images


If Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles continues his hot streak and takes the team into the post-season, should he be considered as a candidate for MVP?

Deion Sanders of The “NFL GameDay Final” brought the topic up. The rest of the crew offered their opinions following the Eagles 24-21 win over the Arizona Cardinals in week 13.

The question was quickly shrugged off by other panelist before moving on to their next segment. However, that doesn’t mean the question should be disregarded. In fact, Foles is making a very strong case for himself and his name should absolutely be in the mix of candidates for the nomination if he does lead Philadelphia to the playoffs.

Foles has only started six games this season and yet he has the highest passer rating (125.2) of all QB’s who have thrown the ball at least a half dozen times. Since taking over for Michael Vick, Foles has lead the Eagles to a 5-1 record and a four-game win streak, two consecutive wins at home.

His 19 touchdowns and no interceptions is just one TD away from tying Peyton Mannings 20-0. Foles’ 233 completions with no interceptions broke backup QB Michael Vick’s record of 224 set in 2010. That streak nearly came to a halt when the Cardinals defense was putting pressure on Foles and he attempted to throw the ball away before CB Patrick Peterson picked it off. But that was negated due to a defensive holding call.

But we aren’t stopping there. There’s more.

There is his seven touchdown performance against the Oakland Raiders which tied a league record. Foles and Peyton Manning both completed that task and now have game gear enshrined in Canton. Sunday hit six different receivers in Sunday’s win which makes him 5-0 this season when he does have six or more targets with a reception.

Foles has also been named NFC offensive player of the week twice this season and player of the month of November for having the highest passer rating in NFL history for the month of November.

So to not include him in the MVP talks, at the very least a mention, would be a robbery of all the production he has generated. He’s brought the Philadelphia Eagles from a 1-3 team that was last in the division to a potential playoff team.

And this last part might just be the most important of all the impressive stats listed above. Nick Foles’ production has started to alter the thought process when the topic of the 2014 NFL Draft is brought up.

Five weeks ago everyone was looking at QB’s entering the draft. Johnny Manziel (Texas A&M) and Marcus Mariota (Oregon) was mentioned more than any other player. Now, if you were to ask 10 Eagles fans where they needed to spend their first-round pick, I’d be surprised if more than two would say quarterback.

Foles 19 touchdowns is tied for eighth place league wide with five other QB’s; Tom Brady (Patriots), Cam Newton (Panthers), Carson Palmer (Cardinals), Matt Ryan (Falcons), and Russell Wilson (Seahawks).

Sunday’s win was a team effort by a group of players who have absolutely bought in to both Chip Kelly and his system and Nick Foles as their quarterback. You saw a defense that is coming together and have allowed 21 or fewer points in the Eagles last eight games. The Eagles will need more of the same throughout the final four games if they hope to have a shot at making the playoffs, and hope Dallas loses at least one of their games…preferably to the Eagles in week 17.

Here’s a look at the Eagles remaining schedule.

Week 14  Detroit (7-5)

Week 15 @ Minnesota (3-8-1)

Week 16  Chicago (6-6)

Week 17 @ Dallas (7-5)




  • Quan Bui

    Great article. I believe the majority of football fans will dismiss the idea of naming Nick Foles as the league’s MVP, but honestly, he has every right be to in the discussion. He’s not a sexy name (yet) like Peyton Manning or Drew Brees, but he is statistically the most efficient QB in the league. I also believe he is the most valuable player on the team (more so than Shady this year) and I doubt we would have a winning record without Foles’ starts. With that said, why wouldn’t he be considered for MVP other than his lack of popularity?

    • rick mage

      “but honestly, he has every right be to in the discussion”……..hahaha…uh, no he doesn’t…. ;) He’s not even in the top 20…

      • EaglesPulse

        So you’re saying (Rick), IF the Eagles make it to the playoffs (playoffs?) you don’t think Foles should even be considered? Not named, but considered.

        And you’re out of your mind if you believe Foles isn’t a top 20 QB in this league.

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  • RichT

    Detroit and Chicago are home games I believe (according to NFL mobile anyway)

    • EaglesPulse

      you’re right, not sure how I missed that.