By no stretch of the imagination was this the game that I thought would be played. I anticipated a NFC East rival matchup between the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys to be a mixed explosion of offensive points.

That never happened. I said earlier this week this game was an opportunistic challenge for Nick Foles. It was a challenge indeed, but Foles didn’t take advantage of any opportunities on this day.

After looking like an All-Pro QB the past couple of weeks, Nick Foles flopped flat on his face in what was probably the most important game of his NFL career as both teams battled for first place in the division. After watching todays performance it is clear the Eagles future at quarterback is not currently on this roster. And for the time being Michael Vick is the best option for Chip Kelly’s offense.

Foles completed just 11 of 29 pass attempts for 80 yards and no touchdowns. He missed wide open receivers, twice to tight end Brent Celek on consecutive plays. Overthrown and underthrown balls was Foles stezzo today. Additionally, Foles was not seeing the playing field correctly and held the ball entirely to long. There were multiple times when Foles had ample time to set his feet and make a throw but instead would throw while on the run.

Nick Foles had a horrible performance, pathetic really. Philadelphia remains winless in front of a home audience this season, in fact, their last home win was back on September 30, 2012 — making today’s loss their ninth straight loss at home.

But it wasn’t all on Nick Foles. In fact Foles was forced to leave the game with a possible concussion forcing third-string QB rookie Matt Barkley to take the field. Barkley made some nice throws going 11 for 20 for 129 yards and three interceptions, once when the Eagles were knocking on the Cowboys door in garbage time.

The Cowboys defense, who was without their top defensive player DeMarcus Ware, stymied Philadelphia’s rushing attack holding the leagues leading rushing, LeSean McCoy, to just 55 yards on 18 carries (3.1 average).

Philadelphia’s issue against the Cowboys were vastly on offense. The Eagles defense held the No. 2 ranked offense to just 17 points. Just a couple of weeks ago defensive coordinator Bill Davis said “trust me” when asked about his defense’s performance that week. There were signs of improvement, again holding the Cowboys offense to 17 points, but it wasn’t a completely clean game for them.

Both Cary Williams and Bradley Fletcher had crucial holding calls when facing third and short situations. They held (RB) Joseph Randle to just 65 rushing yards despite being on the field for 36:13.

In all, it was a dismal day for the Eagles offense. For the first time in his coaching career, pro or college, Chip Kelly was held scoreless at the end of the first half. Nick Foles aided Vick’s return as long as he is healthy forfeiting any possible chance for a “QB controversy” in Philadelphia.

Next week the Eagles host the 0-6 New York Giants. And if the Eagles continue down the path they have at home over the past year, Eli could actually get his first win next week.

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