On Friday the Philadelphia 76ers offered their head coach position to San Antonio Spurs assistant Brett Brown. And although the likelihood that Brown will be named the new head coach, if the contract language is worked out, a report on the Philadelphia Inquirer indicates that despite ongoing negotiations over the weekend, the two sides have not yet agreed on a deal.

John Smallwood of the Philadelphia Daily News feels if Brown does in fact accept the offer, his deal should include a lengthy term.

“I like that Brown has some kind of hammer over (GM Sam) Hinkie because at the minimum he should be able to coax out a long-term commitment as the coach. …With the Sixers expected to lose anywhere from 55 to 65 games, a one-and-done scenario could definitely be in play for the next coach. If I were Brown, I’d insist on a 4- or 5-year contract from the Sixers – one that gives management incentive to stick by me through some anticipated lean times.”

With the belief that the Sixers are going to be among the worst teams in the NBA next season, if not the worst. And should Brown decide that San Antonio remains the best place to continue calling home, Sixers assistant coach Michael Curry would be the ideal fallback option.