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Well we knew it was just a matter of time!  There was no preventing the inevitable as it looks like QB Michael Vick will  miss this week’s game when the Eagles travel to Tampa Bay to take on the  Buccs.

According to ESPN’s  Adam Schefter that his sources told him that the Eagles quarterback will  “likely” miss Week 6 due to the hamstring injury he suffered in the  2nd quarter during Sunday’s 36-21 win over the New York Giants. And  is unfortunate since Vick this season overall has been having a pretty solid  season.

In 5 games in 2013, the 33 year old has  thrown for 1,185yds, 5 TDs and only 2 interceptions with a QB rating of 90.6. He  also has been a huge threat on the ground running for 307 yards and a 2 TDs this  season. Chip Kelly’s offense look to really rejuvenate his career. We are seeing  a quarterback making better decisions with the football, going through his  progressions, and making play for this offense. Besides for the Kansas City  game, he has played pretty well overall. Vick hasn’t been able to finish a full  16 games since 2006. Eagles Head Coach Chip Kelly has already said if Vick is  healthy he is his starter, but if Vick is unable to go they will have to go with  2nd year man QB Nick Foles.

The 24 year old gunslinger surprised many  people on Sunday in relief of QB Vick in a tough situation on the road to lead  this offense and make plays throwing for 197yds and 2 fourth quarter touchdowns.  Many feel that Foles can’t run this offense and honestly it showed on Sunday how  much the Eagles game plan sort of changed. They completely abandoned the run in  that 3rd quarter to allow the Giants back in the ball game and went  away from the read option.

There is a reason why Vick has excelled in  his scheme because of his threat not only to throw the football but his  athleticism and agility to run with the football. With Foles you don’t have  that. Teams know when Foles is handing the ball off they running the football so  they stack the box and don’t spy on the quarterback. When the Eagles were in  shotgun for most of that second half the Giants knew was coming and we saw an  unbalance offensive attack from the Eagles with Nick Foles under center. Once  thing Foles does well is he does is he has tremendous accuracy in the short and  intermediate passing game and he gets rid of the football quickly. He had some  nice touch on a few of his passes and put it only where his receivers can get  it. But luckily for him he can get some reps in with the 1st team  this week and prepare for a Buccs team that is in complete disarray and it’s  where Foles recorded his first NFL win last season.