Riley Cooper_2013


With six regular season games remaining in the 2013 regular season, Philadelphia Eagles receiver Riley Cooper is on pace to do something he has never done in his playing career — Surpass the 1,000-yard mark.

As it stands right now two players on the Philadelphia Eagles roster, (WR) DeSean Jackson and (RB) LeSean McCoy are poised to eclipse the 1,000-yard mark at some point during the 2013 season, and could do so as early as Sunday. Jackson currently has 903 yards whereas McCoy is a bit closer at 932 which makes him the league’s leading rusher.

But with QB Nick Foles under center, fourth-year receiver Riley Cooper is quickly making a name for himself while also establishing himself as a legit No. 2 receiver in the NFL. Cooper is having a career best season doubling every statistical figure since 2012 except receptions except for receptions. His 2012 stats were as follows; 23 receptions for 248 yards (10.8 avg), three plays of 20 yards or more, zero 40+ yard plays, and three touchdowns.

Here are Cooper’s 2013 stats through only 10 games; 28 receptions for 555 yards (19.8 avg). He has eight receptions of 20+ yards and five of 40 or more. And his average of 19.8 yards ranks first in the NFL among players with 20 or more receptions on the season. And Cooper ranks third among receivers in plays of 40 or more yards, just behind DeSean Jackson (7) and A.J. Green (8).

The last two games have been huge for Cooper as an emerging threat. Putting together consecutive 100-yard games, Cooper has gained the most ground to 1,000 yards in the Eagles last two wins. He has recorded 241 yards and five touchdowns in the last two weeks on just eight receptions.

Cooper needs 445 yards to reach one-thousand, or, 74.16 yards per game. It’s definitely an uphill battle this late in the season and especially with the numerous receiving threats Philadelphia has on offense. But Cooper appears to be Foles’ go-to-guy since becoming the “starting” QB and if the trend continues through the rest of the season there is a very real potential for Cooper to leave 1,000 in the rear view mirror.