Michael-Vick-e1293591181264 (1)The verdict is still up in the air for Philadelphia Eagles QB Nick Foles who is starting against the Packers after a week nine performance that shot him into the record books. Foles has an opportunity to be the starting QB if he can continue to produce wins and keep his turnover margin down. However the verdict on Michael Vick is all but sealed and his five-year stint with the Eagles will end following the 2013 season.

Their numbers don’t even compare with Foles clearly being the better QB on the Eagles roster. The only stat that Vick supersedes Foles is yards. But if you examine the numbers you will see it’s only by 187 yards throwing the ball 23 more times than Foles. But even with throwing it that much more, Vick still only has three more completions (77) than Foles (74).

Here’s a table of 2013 statistics for each player per NFL.com stats.

Philadelphia Eagles Stats at NFL.com




In plain view you can see this is no longer a discussion. Nick Foles or Michael Vick, they have both been injured this season, but when healthy you can clearly see Foles has been far more effective….even the sack total which could indicate the offensive line has trouble blocking for someone when they have no idea where he is.

Even if Foles bombed the remaining seven games, Vick is still out after the season, he has played his last meaningful down in Midnight Green. If Foles bombs Chip Kelly can, and most likely will, utilize the Eagles 2014 first-round pick on the Eagles quarterback of the future. Kelly would likely target either Marcus Mariota (Oregon) or Johnny Manziel (Texas A&M).

So where could Michael Vick, a free agent at the end of the season, end up? What teams might look at Vick as a possible short term solution to their QB woes? Obviously we would be looking for teams struggling at the position this season. We’ll also have a much better understanding of what teams need help at quarterback and where they place in the draft as the second half of the season winds down to its final weeks.

Here are two teams that I feel Michael Vick could end up on in 2014. Both teams have had a rotating door at QB since 2010 and Vick could help both teams if he could remain healthy…IF, which is a very tall talk.


Oakland Raiders: 3-5 (4th in AFC West)

QB’s since 2010: Terrelle Pryor, Matt Flynn, Carson Palmer, Jason Campbell, Kyle Boller, Bruce Gradkowski


As of right now, third-year player Terrelle Pryor has been the Raiders best answer at quarterback. Five others have tried before him since 2010 and have all failed, considerably. In fact the last time they had a QB last more than three seasons with the team as a starter was back in the Rich Gannon days from 1999-02.

Since then it’s been an utter debacle.

Oakland might be in play to draft a QB though which doesn’t make them my No. 1 potential landing spot. But if they plan on looking to free agency to fill their need at QB, Vick would make a lot of sense to Oakland.


Minnesota Vikings: 2-7 (4th in NFC North)

QB’s since 2010: Christian Ponder, Josh Freeman, Matt Cassel, Donovan McNabb, Brett Favre, Tarvaris Jackson, Joe Webb


When the Vikings selected Christian Ponder with the twelfth overall pick in the 2011 draft, they thought they were finally putting an end to the plethora of QB’s they’ve seen since 2010 — there has been seven who have started a game at the position in case you missed that –in three and a half years.

Unfortunately Ponder has struggled since being drafted and his issues continue in 2013 throwing just five touchdowns against seven interceptions.

If at season end the Vikings brass are not sold on Ponder being the future they could be in the market for an eighth quarterback. However, after just investing their first-round pick just two seasons ago, the Vikings might be hesitant to do so again.

And that is why Michael Vick would be such an intriguing option. They could bring him in on a one-year deal with an incentive-based structure to keep the signing team-friendly. They would then be free to draft some receiving help or a player to bolster their secondary.

Plus, think of what a Michael Vick and Adrian Peterson combination would be like on the field.


Other potential landing spots for Vick. Florida could be big players on Vick;

Jacksonville Jaguars – Another team that selected a QB in Blaine Gabbert during the first-round (10th overall) of the 2011 draft, Jacksonville still has major issues at the position. Normally, as I indicated with the Vikings, any GM and head coach would be hesitant about drafting another player of the same position so quickly. But the Jaguars are under a new coaching staff with Gus Bradley running the ship. I would assume that he will want to draft his own QB and move on without Gabbert.


Miami Dolphins —  Miami took Tannehill eighth overall in the 2012 draft and he struggled as a rookie. But his struggles where largely in part by not having the weapons he needed to succeed. That resulted in Miami being big players during free agency by adding receivers Mike Wallace and Brandon Gibson while re-signing Brian Hartline to a five-year extension. But Tannehill is still struggling even with the improvements in personnel on offense.

Dolphins could be free agency players if Tannehill doesn’t show signs of improvement. They are another team that just invested a top 10 pick just one season ago on a QB.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers — The last time Tampa Bay selected a first-round QB was Josh Freeman back in 2009. We all know how that worked as he was signed to the Vikings and has struggled just as bad. With Freeman out and rookie Mike Glennon in, the Bucs offense has been pretty bad, but they did manage a win against the Seattle Seahawks so there’s that. Still, I don’t believe anyone feels as though Glennon is the real answer to their QB woes and I do see them targeting one in the first-round of this years draft.


  • Leon Shuttlesworth

    If you break down the film… vs. the Falcons in 2011 Vick was knocked out in the POCKET on his 2nd step… Eagles line knew where Vick was gonna be he simply did not have the time nor protection Foles did… FILM STUDY WOULD PROVE THAT.

  • Leon Shuttlesworth

    Vick played vs. the Chiefs, Chargers and Broncos…. Foles had good games vs the Raiders, Buccaneers and Vikings….. leave that out….. This article is funny, Nick Foles is going to come crashing down to earth in the playoffs and next year, and I pray Michael Vick is long gone on a team that will block for him and WRs that fight to get open… Philly got what it wanted at QB, anyone but Vick thats life…

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  • Keith Remaly

    Stick a fork in him…. he’s done. He was done before the year even started but Chip was too blind to see through the BS

    • EaglesPulse

      If Foles had performed like this through the preseason he would have likely won the starting job. He’s been playing lights out though for sure.

  • MikeTen

    Just my 2 cents but Vick is too small and injury prone and I don’t think he has too many years left in the NFL. Most quarterbacks are big guys which helps to see over the line. I think he is a ok quarterback but it seems like every season he is out for a few weeks with a injury, even more than McNabb was.

    • EaglesPulse

      I averaged it out, he misses 5.5 games a season on avg. But typically it’s at least 3.